During my PhD, the idea of AdeptDC stuck on me as I was going through the ordeal of building a scaling relationship between cooling loads and chip temperatures in a data center environment. After speaking with more than 150 data center professionals, I came to empathize the pain of data center owner who wants cost-efficient thermal management without the risk of chip overheating. I also realized the problem can be addressed with a smart algorithm that can adjust cooling set points to real-time thermal status of IT equipment.

We want to ensure IT sustainability so that the benefits of digital innovations reach to everyone in the world.

We want to become one of the top three data center dynamic cooling optimization software providers in next five years.

Rajat Ghosh

Founder/ CEO

Rajat started AdeptDC following his PhD in Georgia Tech with an aspiration to reduce carbon footprint of data centers. He interviewed more than 150 data center professionals to understand thermal management challenges in data centers and secured several federal government awards to build preliminary proof-of-concept prototype. Before starting AdeptDC, he briefly worked at Internap.

Xiaoyu Chen

Lead Software Engineer

Xiaoyu started working with Rajat at Georgia Tech while pursuing his masters. He leads AdeptDC’s software engineering activities. He is stellar enterprise software developers. Previously, he worked in companies like Qumulo, IBM.

Tapomayukh Bhattacharya

Abhijit Sarkar

Ajit Vallabhaneni

Hiral Parmar

Digvijay Singh, PhD

Chris Johnston