Rapid Equipment Onboarding

There are a diverse group of vendors for computing servers, networking switches, storage disks, cooling devices, and power delivery units. AdeptDC's module can rapidly onboard most vendors, including IBM, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Cisco, NetAPP, in a completely secured environment.

comprehensive monitoring

AdeptDC's monitoring unit shows the real-time operating status of different types of equipment in a single pane of glass.


cooling control

AdeptDC offers both manual and scheduled cooling control capabilities. With manual control, a user can control cooling set-points in an instant. With scheduled control, a user can programmatically control cooling set points in the future.

holistic cooling cost optimization

AdeptDC optimizes electricity consumption for the entire data centers. Its proprietary machine learning algorithm synergistically regulates cooling set points of different cooling devices in a facility.


automated thermal management

AdeptDC maximizes IT component temperatures without violating the corresponding throttling limits, and thereby safeguards data center IT service-level performance.


Customized Alerts

It creates rule-based alert messages for users.