Data Centers have been managed as if they are high-density office spaces. AdeptDC’s approach integrates cooling with IT and could potentially pave the way for new-generation data center design.
— David McGirt, Principal at Zenzu
Air temperature-based cooling control solutions have caused several downtimes in our data centers, especially with the containment systems. Even though the temperature might be sufficiently cold, the airflow rate was not high enough to meet the cooling need.
— Brandon Rubenstein, Director of Thermal Engineering at Microsoft
In many enterprises, the data collected from facility equipment and ITE is delivered to different organizations. This division of data most often means there is a lack of sharing, and therefore a lack of benefits gained. In a progressive organizational environment, it is important to combine the pools of data to reap the energy efficiency goals.
— ASHRAE TC 9.9 2012 Whitepaper
IT component based set-point control is the best way to optimize data center cooling. The problem lies in compilation of temperature data from IT equipment of various vendors.
— Jonathan Koomey, Research Fellow at Stanford University
The best capacity management strategy for data centers is going up to the line, but not crossing the line.
— Neal Smith, Intel