Our mission is to build a connected IT and facility ecosystem for a data center. During my PhD, the idea stuck on me as I was going through the ordeal of building a scaling relationship between cooling loads and chip temperatures. After speaking with more than 150 data center professionals, I came to empathize the pain of a data center owner who wants a cost-efficient thermal management without the risk of chip overheating.
— Rajat Ghosh, Founder of AdeptDC
Rajat Ghosh Founder

Rajat Ghosh


Ajit Vallabhaneni Software Developer

Ajit Vallabhaneni

Software Developer

Xiaoyu Chen Software Developer

Xiaoyu Chen

Software Developer



Jeremey Wise, Arrow Electronics

Chris Johnston, Syska Hennessy

Dr. Yogendra Joshi, Georgia Tech

Dr. Ada Gavrilovska, Georgia Tech

Open Positions

Lead Software Developer

Minimum Qualifications

  • BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering
  • 5+ years Professional Software Development; experience in systems installed on premise preferred
  • 3+ years in architecture and development of significant web-based Python applications and APIs (Flask familiarity preferred)
  • Experience developing and deploying container-based applications (Docker familiarity preferred)
  • Working experience with React, Angular, Bootstrap, or similar platforms to support development of basic management UI


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